How To Select Right Plants For Your Landscape

Selecting the right plants for your landscaping is an arduous task and can be quite difficult. Special care should be taken to ensure you place the right plants in the right location. Before you go out, purchase plants, and put them in the ground, take a moment to learn about the types and growing needs. Here's information on trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, ground covers, and vines, commonly used in landscaping and gardening design.
Landscape Renovation and Maintenance in Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Denham Springs, La

Landscape Renovation and Maintenance in Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Denham Springs, La

What are the right plants for my property?  When choosing plants for your landscaping, you must consider where the plants will be located, the function and usage desired, aesthetics, and care. Trees are the most substantial staple of the landscape, and require the most thought and foresight. There is little room for error when choosing a location to plant your trees. Many homeowners spend thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to have trees removed, by tree removal services. Trees planted too close to a house or building structure can cause damage to the foundation, roof, eaves, etc. Shrubs are the most commonly used plant in landscaping and landscape design. They offer beauty, color, and architectural balance. They are organized according to growth patterns, and how they are used. Some shrubs are best adjacent to the house or building, while other shrubs are good choices for foundation plantings, because they stay compact, which minimizes maintenance. Where should I plant them? When deciding on where to plant your new trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers, always check to see if they can thrive. Some plants need 6 - 10 hours of direct sunlight, while others prefer morning sun, and others thrive in shady areas. What are their growth requirements? You should be prepared to ensure the health and survival of your newly planted landscape specimens How big are they going to be a maturity? Landscape Services in Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Denham Springs, Gonzales, Zachary, St. Gabriel, La.

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